Balintore Castle, Scotland

Balintore Castle, Scotland..

The castle occupies an elevated site in moorland above Balintore village, a few miles north of the Loch of Lintrathen, near Kirriemuir, Angus. A tower house named Balintor existed on the site in the late 16th century, according to Timothy Pont's maps..

It was designed in 1859 by the architect William Burn. A typical example of the Scottish Baronial style, it features an abundance of turreted towers and gables, and an imitation portcullis. The main tower is topped by a balustraded viewing platform similar to that of Buchanan Castle...


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  2. Sorry, but this is not Balintore Castle, Scotland - - but the Boldt Castle Powerhouse at Boldt Castle in the 1,000 Islands region of New York on the St. Lawrence River near Alexandria Bay. - also google Boldt Castle powerhouse and Balintore Castle for additional pictures of each one.

  3. This is the Boldt Castle located in the Thousand Islands of the Saint Lawrence River, along the northern border of the U.S. state of New York,